Colorado Explorers

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    Colorado Explorers is a club like no other. We don't just hunt for gems and minerals; we also look for arrowheads, old bottles, lost treasures and prospect for gold. This club was formed to get like minded individuals and families out of the house for outdoor adventures and give children a chance to get away from the Xbox for physical activities. We have access to several private properties for finding gold, gems, and arrowheads.


    You might ask yourself, why join this club and not one of the others? Our answer is simple: I have been a Colorado outdoorsman for 30+ years and have access to properties that are not open to the public. I also have access to private mining claims, and I am working on getting a couple of gold claims.

   This summer I will be working with a gentleman that owns the Mary Murphy Mine to allow me to work the 1400ft level for Rhodochrosite. (pictured to the right) These are highly sought after because they are a rare earth gem. A fine specimen could catch anywhere from a couple thousand to millions of dollars. Rhodochrosite is a red, rhombohedrum, or a square crystal.


   During our meetings I will present several ideas for outings, and you the members will vote for the idea you think we all would enjoy the best. I will try to design trips that will accommodate your children 12 and older.

   There are inherent dangers when people venture off the well beaten path like; snakes, wildlife, loose gravel/rocks, steep paths, water-related injuries and the most deadly lightning. More people die from lightning in Colorado than any other nature caused event. So let's all do our part to be as safe as possible, but have fun at the same time.

I am very excited to put together this club. I believe Colorado Explorers to be a club with opportunities that other clubs won't be able to offer you. I strive to provide an environment that is safe, positive, and fun for our children and to provide a break from the everyday stresses of life.